A clinical, online well being solution for individuals and teams

A clinical, online well being diagnostic

The Cambridge Code gives insight into key subconscious factors that influence not only our mental well being but also our sense of self and identity.

These are at the core of what enables us to flourish, both as individuals, in relationships, groups and organisations.

This rounded, robust look at an individual’s wellbeing is both an understanding of existing areas of balance and development, as well as being a predictor for the future.

It allows an individual to better know themselves, their strengths, and be better prepared for times of challenge.

The Cambridge Code is both valuable as an independent individual assessment, and is used in organisations as part of well being and wellness programmes.

Looking at 14 markers used widely in psychotherapy, The Cambridge Code gently assesses characteristics such as resilience, work-life balance, sense of true self, need for support and inner rebellion.   The output, which includes report and follow-up support, allows for self-understanding and acceptance as well as specific actions and flags for development and prevention both now and in future.   It is an empowering look at an individual’s subconscious well being bio-data.


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