The Psychological Bio-Data of your Team

Understand your Teams collective subconscious

Deep analysis of your Team’s collective subconscious drivers allows you to master increased performance, fulfilment and well being.

The Cambridge Code gives your team precious psychological data that allows it to perform better, and feel better. Team members know themselves and others with greater depth and accuracy.

By analysing the bio-data of each individual team member, The Cambridge Code allows teams to see their individual and collective points of strength, subtlety and risk.

The data can be cut to provide insight on particular dynamics such as person-to-person and team complementarities, team alignment, support requirement in times of change or crisis, how to nurture growth and potential and how best to enable optimum mental and emotional well being.

This clinical, robust look at core subconscious drivers enables individuals to better understand their areas of strength and how to navigate both work and relationships at work.   By greater self-understanding all round, individuals and teams perform better.


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