A corporate x-ray of your people and culture

Corporate culture building and transformation

By providing a deep-dive into the subconscious drivers of the individuals within them, The Cambridge Code can get to the core of cultural issues facing organisations.

In depth analysis of your culture’s collective subconscious drivers enables the understanding and building of culture, the mitigation of risk and optimisation of well being.

The Cambridge Code is an invaluable tool to use alongside the landing of a change culture, or as an initial assessment of the cultural health of the organisation.   It enables organisations to understand its peoples’ well being, values and drivers.

The Cambridge Code can identify those with latent potential to align with the values of the organisation, or those who might embody the values it wants to espouse.  The Cambridge Code is a means of overcoming unconscious bias, and identifying abilities and values in those who may have been overlooked.

The Cambridge Code enhances team effectiveness by allowing you to build teams that are subconsciously aligned yet consciously different.  It improves succession planning by allowing you to identify your future leaders.   It delivers cultural and behavioural change by identifying those with the characteristics that support your ambitions and empowering them to lead.  It better enables organisations to understand more deeply and better deploy the Talent they have within them.


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