Increasing the effectiveness
of clinical trials

Challenges for Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are a costly and time-consuming activity.

They are a critical stage of the product development lifecycle, but also represent the stage with the largest risk due to the difficulties of control.

Being able to recruit more effectively and screen participants with a higher likelihood of completion and compliance has thus far proven difficult.

Solutions for Organisations

Recruitment of participants – Targets recruitment more precisely and effectively.
For example, those with innate ‘courage’ or a heightened sense of self are more likely to say ‘yes’ to an approach.

Messaging – Deep understanding allows more effective messaging.
For example, a ‘needy’ individual will need to be reassured that that they will be nurtured throughout and will need a high level of interaction and affirmation at all stages.

Compliance – Screening at the outset for those least likely to comply with the trial and supporting the recruited participants with a personalized experience.

Completion – Aids with the exposure and mitigation of unconscious reservations.
For example, looking at innate resilience.


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