Flourish Professionally

Careers and ways of working

The Cambridge Code gives insight into key subconscious factors that shape our natural preferences about how we work, the values that are important to us and the kind of work in which we are likely to excel.

The Cambridge Code enables individuals and groups to better understand the environments, sectors, patterns, relationships and structures that will allow them to flourish professionally.

This robust look at an individual’s core subconscious drivers allows an individual to better know themselves, their strengths, and be better prepared for times of challenge.   It enables those making career decisions to be better informed; to bring self-understanding to the factors informing career choices, progression and ways of working.

It allows organisations to better provide the ways of working that will enable their people to perform, flourish and feel well.

The Cambridge Code assesses characteristics such as leadership, ambition, entrepreneurship, risk appetite, nurture and analytical nature.   The output allows for self-understanding and acceptance as well as specific actions and flags for future decision-making.


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