The Cambridge Code

Making changes

Knowing more about your subconscious can mean choosing more of the things that suit you – but putting this into practice can still be a challenge. Explore some of the exercises below to help you dig deeper into your results and explore what you could do to make changes that enrich your wellbeing.

Decide where you sit on the tree of life and ask yourself if there’s somewhere else you would rather be.

Think about the beliefs you have about yourself and make a conscious choice about which of them you want to keep, rewrite or even destroy completely.

Understand the triggers that can hijack your emotions and explore what you can do to stop this from happening

Explore what’s happening in your life by using the wheel of anything to break down the different parts and thinking about how satisfied you are with each piece

Prepare for the challenges that are part of life for all of us by knowing your safe spaces and the things that you can do when you need time to reflect

Learn to take ownership of your emotions in difficult situations by putting yourself in other peoples’ shoes and looking at things from their point of view

Think about the things in life that might be holding you back and how you can boost your confidence to step out of your comfort zone

Reflect on your life experiences to improve your self-awareness and think about where you are going and if this is the path you want to follow

Work through a list of quick-fire questions to help you think about your resilience and spot possible areas to explore further.

Start to take control of your subconscious reactions by learning to spot unwanted responses and what you can do to make these more deliberate


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