Uncovering subconscious
latent potential
and well being


With a team of researchers from Cambridge University specialising in the transition from objective to subjective validation, the Drs Moloney and Loveridge came together to develop The Cambridge Code.

The team developed The Cambridge Code after analysing and tracking over 10,000 individuals and encapsulating this in an easy to use online tool.

The tool is proven to the uncover the subconscious latent potential and well being that is present in all of us, but lies beyond the reach of established psychological measurement.

Know Yourself for Life, Work and Well Being

A genuinely new approach to realising potential

We all recognise that we are a little different at work to how we behave at home. Some of us may notice that we feel differently at different times of the year, month or even at different times of the day.

However, there are fundamental aspects of us that are deeply seated and that don’t really change over time. These traits sit deep within us, below the level of conscious thought and behaviour. They affect everything we do – in work, at home, in relationships, in the way we approach and react to everything whether significant or small.

It is now universally accepted that the more that we understand or are aware of these core drivers – our traits – the more we can understand what really suits us and allows us to flourish. In doing so we will also be looking after our well being. When we are in situations that don’t suit us, we are likely to feel less well than when we are in a situation, a relationship or a job that is truly aligned with our core traits. Our well being depends very much on our alignment with how we are living.

Like a DNA test for the mind, The Cambridge Code was created to allow people to look deep beneath the skin at their own fundamental traits and characteristics, giving an insight that isn’t just about behaviour or thoughts but the deep subconscious pathways that make us who we are. Knowledge or even just an awareness about these traits gives us the power to make decisions in informed ways and choose what really suits us in life. It also enables us to understand why we are likely to behave in the ways that we do. We can look at these traits and work on the self-limiting beliefs that hold us back. Understanding our subconscious mind can help us unlock our potential in life and in work.

Research studies covering human developmental psychology, developmental states of mind, unconscious processing, child and adult attachment studies, constructivist psychology and Neuroscience underpin The Cambridge Code. The tool gives insight alongside suggestions and pointers about self-development as well as recommendations for intervention when it might be useful. It can be helpful at any stage of life – not just when we are making decisions but when we are processing them or reflecting on them too.

The Cambridge Code allows a level of self-understanding that offers both an opportunity to make changes but also a sense of acceptance of who we really are. It gives you the chance to better align your life goals with your true potential.


A new combination of three domains

The underlying approach to the design of The Cambridge Code brings a sophisticated psychotherapeutic understanding of human development and interaction combined with recruitment intelligence, constructive learning and assessment theories.

The Cambridge Code offers a predictive analysis of an actual person, with specific reference to his or her well being.

Subconscious potential
and well being identified


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