Uncovering subconscious
latent potential
and well being


With a team of researchers from Cambridge University specialising in the transition from objective to subjective validation, the Drs Moloney and Loveridge came together to develop The Cambridge Code.

The team developed The Cambridge Code after analysing and tracking over 10,000 individuals and encapsulating this in an easy to use online tool.

The tool is proven to the uncover the subconscious latent potential and well being that is present in all of us, but lies beyond the reach of established psychological measurement.


A new combination of three domains

The underlying approach to the design of The Cambridge Code brings a sophisticated psychotherapeutic understanding of human development and interaction combined with recruitment intelligence, constructive learning and assessment theories.

The Cambridge Code offers a predictive analysis of an actual person, with specific reference to his or her well being.

Subconscious potential
and well being identified


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