FTSE 100 Bank

Team Analytics & Recruitment

The objective was to inform a hiring strategy for a new ring-fenced bank.

In order to make this strategy as effective and insightful as possible, the client was very interested in new approaches to understanding the dynamics and success of existing teams and their effects on productivity.

The Cambridge Code was asked to consider the Team Analytics of the existing Senior Leadership in the Markets Team. The individual profiles and the collective analysis would feed directly into the hiring strategy.

17 members of the SLT took The Cambridge Code, each receiving their own feedback and actions for personal development. We then looked across the 17 profiles at team dynamics and areas of subconscious compatibility and incompatibility.

The resultant data enabled recommendations for increased productivity and well being within existing teams, highlighted areas of block or risk and informed the central tenets of the new hiring strategy.

Using this diagnostic, the bank was able to understand its people with more depth than previously, speedily, and in a more cost-effective manner.

In addition, the individuals profiled continue to benefit from pointers for personal growth and well being.

UK PLC - Commercial Vehicles

Corporate X-Ray

The client’s objective was to better understand the key successful, senior people across their whole business.

Did these people have particular traits that made them thrive in the organisational culture?

Were there noticeable areas of particular strength across the population and were there gaps in the skills base?

Having this insight and this data would enable future hires that were focussed and efficient in terms of time and budget.

We used The Corporate X-Ray to profile a cohort of senior executives. The results were insightful: immediate, clear and accessible with minimum time and expenditure.

The client was able to see the subconscious DNA of the cohort.

With this kind of insight, hiring costs are reduced, time expended is reduced and staff retention is increased.

Creative Digital Startup

Team Analytics

The SLT of an award-winning creative digital startup were keen to use new, scientific methods to increase their effectiveness, enjoyment and productivity.

All members of the Leadership Team took The Cambridge Code, and received individual reports.

The Team discussed their individual reports openly, and a group feedback session from The Cambridge Code helped pull together the learnings that enabled the group to see the subconscious compatibility of the entire ‘working family’.

The data presented was incredibly insightful on both an individual and a team basis. But, more importantly, the work has continued to inform how the team goes about setting objectives, communicating with each other, assigning work streams and managing expectations with others.

Research Study: The Links between Well Being & Performance in Organisations

FTSE 100 Bank
Whitehall Department
UK Regulator

The team at The Cambridge Code were interested in gathering data about well being and performance in early career populations across the private and public sector.

The hypothesis was that those who showed a greater sense of well being would be those who were graded as higher performers within their own organisations.

We worked with a FTSE 100 retail bank, Whitehall Department and a UK Regulator.

In each case, early career cohorts of c.200 took The Cambridge Code and received individual, automated, confidential, well being reports with suggestions for self-coaching and development.

All participants consented to share their performance data.

The team will now plot the performance data against well being outcomes and will present the anonymous, high-level findings back to the organisations.


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